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She modified her body with plastic surgery and tight lacing and that's empowering in your opinion? Before she married Manson she was doing porn. She's nowhere close to being a feminist.

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"She modified her body with plastic surgery and tight lacing and that’s empowering in your opinion?" that’s not what is empowering to me, I agree that women should not feel the pressure to modify their body for men, but Dita did it for herself. Feminism is about choice. She wanted to have plastic surgery, and she is one of the few artists that actually admit she did it and have no shame in it. “Before she married Manson she was doing porn.” okay. The porn industry is very bad, very sexist and they rape and torture women a lot, I know. I won’t discuss that because it is true. But by using that to shame Dita, you are shaming every woman who does porn because she wants to, you are taking their right of CHOICE. “She’s nowhere close to being a feminist.” Dita says “I’m not gonna get into that because you can argue back and foward about what really is to be a feminist” mainly when you are Dita Von Teese.
Did you know that 80% of her public is women? And they are all dressed like her. Thinking “isn’t it nice to have a role model who is a woman and sexual and is not a blonde tanned anorexic super model?”. Dita is not objectifying herself onstage. Burlesque is about fun! She is the one who decides what she does, as far as she’ll go, and what will happen onstage. She is not a sexual object. She is a sexual person. A sexual woman.

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